Thursday, May 31, 2012

OPI DS Amethyst

I found this polish on a nail salon rack when I was getting a pedicure and I asked the salon owner if I could buy it and she said $2.50!!!  It is only about 70% full and the silver cap was replaced with a normal one, but I am still a happy camper!  DS Amethyst is a linear lilac holo and a little lighter than DS Original.  I didn't put on a topcoat on out of fear of dulling the holo, but the OPI DS holos dry with a nice shine unlike some holographic polishes.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. I've never thought about asking them to buy polishes, very smart! Lovely polish!

    1. Thank you, it is a great way to get discontinued polishes.

  2. Amazing find! And what a steal :P My friend and I went Dusty hunting and I found DS Original and Sapphire! We each ended up buying them for $11 each. They were pretty much full, which actually surprised me.