Thursday, May 3, 2012

Essie Reggae + Zebra Stamping

Reggae is a very old Essie that I received in a swap about a year ago.  It is discontinued and so old that I can't find any information about when it was originally released.  It's even in an old style bottle, without Essie embossed in the glass. It is a frosty lime green, very unique.  Hope you enjoy!

Here is Reggae with black zebra stamping on top.  Sorry for the imperfections, I am a beginner at stamping.  Hopefully with practice I can get better.  Any recommendation for stamping plates to try out? 



  1. I did not think I was much of an Essie fan, but you've had two posts in a row with gorgeous colors that I must have. Saaaaad face that this one's discontinued!

    1. Stay tuned, I have a lot more to share!

  2. Your nails in general are so pretty!! I love this color, I have to look for it! It's the perfect type of green.

  3. I love your nubbins, and I love your blog! I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award at

  4. Ha, you've now been nominated twice!! lol. :) You can click on my name for the link back to my blog. Keep it up dear!

  5. This is going to sound odd, but if you still have this bottle of nail polish, would you sell it to me? I came across this post through Google images and I really like the color.