Sunday, July 8, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics

When I saw this collection coming out this summer I was really excited because the swatch pictures online looked so pretty.  I was surprised when I tried these because the polishes have a very unique finish.  They dried almost matte and weren't very streaky for how metallic they are.  I only used one coat for my swatch pictures.  The only downside is how they show every little flaw in the nail, even ones I didn't know I had.  If you are going to get these, I recommend purchasing a good ridge filling base coat and buffing the nail first.  

 No Place Like Chrome: silver metallic
Nothing Else Metals: lilac metallic
Blue Rhapsody: blue metallic
Penny Talk: copper metallic
Good As Gold: gold metallic 

Penny Talk

Nothing Else Metals

Blue Rhapsody

Good As Gold

No Place Like Chrome

I really can't decide which ones are my favorites.  I think Good As Gold looks the best with my skin tone, but I really love Penny Talk and Nothing Else Metals.  Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I think I like Penny Talk the best. I still haven't seen these in any stores near me:(