Thursday, June 28, 2012

Butter London Victoriana

Today is my favorite blue.  I guess this isn't a true blue, it is more of a teal leaning blue with silver shimmer.  I had to include Butter London in my list of favorites because they have the BEST formula, a great color selection, and wear amazingly well.  Not to mention their cute little bottles that line up perfectly! I'm a sucker for how a well organized nail polish collection looks all lined up by brand and color.  When I get settled in a new place I will finally get one of those acrylic wall racks to display my polish in my bathroom.  Anyways, here is Butter London Victoriana:

On the top of my wishlist is Nails Inc Baker Street, as soon as I can make it to a Sephora store I'm sure it will take the place of my favorite blue!


  1. Love this. I posted a Butter London as my favorite blue too - I love Butter London and agree with the awesome formula!

  2. I love Butters! I agree, their bottles make me smile. Yhis is a gorgeous color on you!